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The childhood wonder that brought to light how much money Prince William has

During his recent visit prince william in an institution where an aid program is implemented to deal with phenomena of violence between minors in Manchester, the children had the opportunity to ask him questions, and one of them also related to estate of.

One of the children involved, 11-year-old Amir Hassan, asked him according to British media: “How much money do you have in your bank account?” Prince William was surprised by the question and after smiling, replied that he did not know. Maybe because he really doesn’t know, since the value of his property is not small!

The estate of the heir

However, this question in Manchester’s Moss Side as part of the Hideaway Youth Project and the reaction of the next monarch of the United Kingdom, led to a search for his financial situation with the British newspaper “Daily Mail” presenting his fortune.

Last September, the source said, his fortune was estimated at €1.4 billion after he inherited the duchy of Cornwall from his father, King Charles, following the death of Queen Elizabeth. Now, Prince William is Britain’s biggest landowner, owning land in 23 countries, including farms, houses, seven castles, forests and property that has been let out for commercial exploitation. Almost all of its assets are land.

According to public figures, notes the “Daily Mail”, the duchy of Cornwall saw an increase in its income of about six million euros from 2021 to 2023, reaching 30.1 of which Prince William received most of half, although around seven million euros were given back to the duchy to finance maintenance work. Now the revenue from the duchy of Cornwall will go to him alone.

Prince William had already inherited about 20 million euros left to him by his mother Diana and his great-grandmother. As for the personal fortune of his father, King Charles, this according to “The Guardian” is estimated to exceed two billion euros. So the 41-year-old Prince William is very likely to have given the honest answer since it is indeed difficult to know exactly how much money he has…

Source: News Beast

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