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The Círculo de Economía condemns the tepidity of the Generalitat with the riots and calls for a Government to overcome “the policy of blocks”

The public order crisis that Catalonia has experienced in the last two weeks has put the business sector on alert. If yesterday it transpired that more than a hundred associations, headed by the employer’s association Work Promotion, finalize a manifesto and a unitary act to demand that the administrations exercise “their democratic authority and responsibility without complexes”, today was the Economy Circle the one that has given a wake-up call to policy makers.

In a statement, the Catalan forum does not limit itself to condemning the violent acts of the last days, but it extends the reproach to “the parties that, by action or by omission, have legitimized the vandalism”: “We have verified with astonishment as those responsible of the first level or some members of the Government of the Generalitat, either with silence or in some cases even with complicity, they have not put the maintenance of public order as a fundamental principle “.

El Círculo goes beyond the episodes of street violence and analyzes, in the document, the Catalan political situation opened after the elections on February 14, the results of which he observes as “an opportunity to overcome bloc politics and build a government that works for all Catalans.”

Faced with open negotiations between the parties, the lobby calls for “a pragmatic, professional government with prestigious advisers, fully operational institutions, consensual parliamentary deliberation and the assumption of an ambitious country project that is shared.” In short, the statement summarizes, “good policy is needed.”

As it had done in previous years when addressing the political conflict in the community, the institution currently chaired by Javier Faus also directs a message to central government. Thus, he understands that the new parliamentary majority of the independence It is “the umpteenth demonstration” that the majority of Catalan society “wants to make it clear that the territorial conflict is still open and awaits a propositional response”. For this reason, he insists that formulas for the improvement of self-government should be studied, while addressing the system of autonomous financing and the territorial model of the State.

The business organization notes “the great advance of the forces that during the last legislature and the electoral campaign defended less confrontational positions and, therefore, may be in a better position to establish bridges between the blocks”. In this way, he believes it is possible to promote “the reconstruction of a central space” to carry out “proposals, agreements and political action.” And the first of the recipes is moderation: “Get away from radicalisms, those of the right and those of the left, and overcome the vetoes.”

The lobby group believes that “politics stress society” and that fatigue is “even more pronounced” in the poorest areas and among the young. The Circle detects that the younger population has “perspectives darkened by high rates of unemployment, precarious working conditions and a very uncertain future “and, therefore, urges to undertake reforms” to remake both the social contract and the generational contract. “

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