The city where most billionaires live in the world

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It is the city that now has the most billionaires of the world, according to its annual list Forbes.

Beijing has added another 33 billionaires to its potential in the last year and now counts 100, beating New York, which ranks 99th and has held the scepter for the past 7 years.

Forbes attributes China’s rapid response to the coronavirus pandemic to the fact that it emerged quickly from the financial crisis, at a time when stock exchanges they contributed a lot to her in the first place.

The Beijing It now houses more billionaires than New York, but the total wealth of New York’s croissants ($ 58 billion) remains greater than that of the Chinese.

The richest resident of the Chinese capital is Zhang Yiming, the founder of TikTok and general manager of the parent company ByteDance, with a fortune of $ 35.6 billion. The richest New Yorker remains Michael Bloomberg, with a fortune of $ 59 billion.

China, which includes Hong Kong and Macao, has added more than any other country to the list of billionaires, welcoming another 210. China now has 698 billionaires and is approaching leader America with 724 tycoons.

As for the young billionaires on the planet, Forbes tells us that this year we had another 493, one new billionaire every 17 hours…

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