The climate law was submitted to the Parliament – The measures for buildings, vehicles, energy

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The climate law was submitted to the Parliament today, which includes measures for the gradual abolition of the use of fossil fuels in transport, buildings and electricity generation.

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The deadlines set by the law for the transition to climate neutrality provide for small extensions of the use of hydrocarbons in relation to the text that was put to public consultation, while for the first time in the “equation” of the fight against climate change renewable liquid fuels are included.

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In particular, the basic provisions of the law include the following:

-Power generation: The production of electricity from solid fossil fuels (ie lignite) is prohibited from December 31, 2028. The deadline can be further accelerated by a decision that can be issued until 2025, after taking into account the adequacy of power and security of supply.

-Vehicles: In the Attica Region and in Thessaloniki (except the islands), it is foreseen that from 2026 all new taxis as well as one third of the new rental vehicles will be zero emission vehicles. From 1 January 2024, at least a quarter of new private car leases acquired through leasing or purchase will be purely electric or hybrid electric vehicles. From 1 January 2030 or, if a different date is provided, from the reference date provided for in Union law, new passenger and light commercial vehicles registered are only zero – emission vehicles.

-Buildings: From the 1st of January 2025 the sale and installation of heating oil burners is prohibited. From 1 January 2030, only the sale of heating oil which is mixed at a rate of at least thirty percent by volume with renewable liquid fuels is allowed.

It is also envisaged that from 1 January 2025 new buildings located in high vulnerability zones (geographical areas with a high risk of flooding or in areas close to forest areas characterized by a high risk of fire) will be compulsorily insured. The existence of an insurance policy is a condition for the electrification of the building.

Source: Capital

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