The cockpit of an entirely Russian MC-21 aircraft was first shown in detail from the inside

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The Rostec corporation and have created a joint multimedia project, within the framework of which anyone can take a virtual tour of the all-Russian MS-21 aircraft. This is the first time when the cockpit of this aircraft can be viewed in detail from the inside – moreover, on an almost 360-degree panorama there are various tips explaining the purpose of certain details. This virtual tour is launched directly in the browser – you just need to activate it and then start rotating the images by dragging the image to the sides.

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MS-21 is the first medium-range narrow-body passenger aircraft (the most demanded class of airliners in the world), fully developed and manufactured in modern Russia. The vessel was created with an eye to all international requirements and is considered a direct competitor for the Boeing 737 and Airbus A320, surpassing them in many parameters (the widest fuselage in the class, the first airliner in its class with a polymer composite wing). For the first time MC-21-300 took off on May 28, 2017, and in a year it will carry out regular flights.

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