«The College 6» starts on October 26th. Here is the cast

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After a foray into the 1980s and a return to the 1960s, the time machine de The college rewinds the tape until 1977: this will be the time reference that will accompany the boys in this new edition, the sixth, kicks off on 26 October in prime time on Raidue. Crossing the gates of the Regina Margherita college in Anagni, already the location of the 2020 edition, will be 20 students who will undertake to leave the comforts and conveniences of our days to literally immerse themselves in another era and in another way of thinking .

The boys, as always, come from different parts of Italy and will try, with their own means, to to survive to that grid of rules that in the past was worth the recall or even the expulsion to many of them.

To cross the gates of The College 6 will be Sara Masserini (16, from Colzate), Alessandro Giglio (15, from Turin), Gaia Cascino (16, from Rome), Giovanni Junior D’ambrosio (15, from Naples), Federica Cangiano (14, of Naples), Davide Maroni (16 years old, from Nova Milanese – Mb). To which are added: Vincenzo Rubino (16, from Bari), Rebecca Partziale (14, from Genoa) Lorenzo Sena (14, from Viareggio, Maria Sofia Pia Federico (16, from Valmontone), Cristiano Karol Russo (15 years) di, S. Pietro Vernotico), Sveva Accorrà (14, from Monza), Simone Casadei (16, from Coriano).
Beatrice Genco (14, from Paderno Dugnano), Filippo Romano (14, from Scandicci), Elisa Cimbaro (14, from Tarvisio), Edoardo Lo Faso (16, from Catania), Valentina Comelli (15, from Zone) ), Raffaele Fiorella (15, from Barletta) and Anastasia Podeschi (16, from Santarcangelo di Romagna).

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Accompanying the boys in their “analogical” adventure will be, as always, the mythological supervisor Lucia Gravante, the principal Paolo Bosisio and the teaching staff made up of Andrea Maggi, Italian teacher; Maria Rosa Petolicchio, teacher of mathematics and natural sciences; Luca Raina, history and geography and the teacher of art education, e Alessandro Carnevale. The narrator of these new 8 episodes of College will be, once again, that of Giancarlo Magalli. The program, written by Luca Busso with Marco Migliore, Elia Stabellini, Laura Cristaldi, Emanuele Morelli, Annalisa Gambino, Stefania Piancone, is created by Raidue in collaboration with Banijay Italia, based on the international format Le Pensionnat – That’ll teach’em.

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