The comb is out! Fabián Chávez reveals that Belinda always lied to us about her age

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Since Belinda began her relationship with the singer Christian Nodal, we all wonder what her true age was, because we remembered her as the girl who starred in novels in the 90s and we had the idea that she was between 27 or 29 years old. Even some media reinforced this, as they did not want her to look “bigger” than her fiancé.

However, Fabián Chávez, Belinda’s former partner in the telenovela Sidekicks to the rescue, He already came out to deny Beli and revealed that, indeed, she is older.

He lied to us, all this time he lied to us!

Although it hurts us a lot that Belinda did not admit her age from the beginning and continued with the media game so as not to disappoint Christian Nodal with the age difference, the actress revealed her false age last year during an interview.

On August 15, I will turn 28 years old. Christian has shown me to be a very mature man at 21 years of age, he is hardworking, attentive, loving, very talented, simple and shows me that I am important to him. Also, they are not many years apart, they are only six.

And that they exhibit it

According to Fabián Chávez, his former soap opera partner, Belinda turned 32 on August 15. The actor’s followers asked him if he knew the singer’s true age and he responded through a TikTok video, which has already gone viral:

When ‘Complices’ started, I was 11 years old. Suppose she was about to turn 12, if she is four years younger than me; she in ‘Complices’ was eight years old.

Fabián Chávez reveals Belinda's true age

According to the singer’s information on the page of the National Registry of Population and Personal Identification (RENAPO) of the Ministry of the Interior, it is known that Belinda was born on August 15, 1989, that is, she is 32 years old.

This means that our beloved Beli is much bigger than Nodal, because between them there are 10 years of difference. Now we have to wait for what the singer says regarding this news. Will you accept your age or continue to deny it?

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