The company that responds with actions to the sustainable development of the real estate sector

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Premia Properties is the fastest growing company in the real estate industry, setting new standards.

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With a leading team of specialized executives, a high value real estate portfolio and a participatory culture, it creates value for its shareholders, partners and the national economy, boosting sustainable development, through a network of premium clients, placing Greece on the global investment map. of international investors.

Saint Dionysios, Piraeus
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The company has already placed great emphasis on strengthening the quality characteristics of its portfolio and is committed to transparency, sustainable development and socially responsible operation. It invests consistently in Greece, contributing directly and indirectly to the development of the economy and the strengthening of employment. Specifically, it seeks the adoption of Sustainable Development principles through its harmonization in the practices of the international and Greek ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) – Environmental, Social and Governance indicators. Recently, this policy was rewarded with the inclusion of the Company in the Greek Code of Sustainability and in the ESG Index of the Athens Stock Exchange.

With strong growth dynamics, Premia has a strategic development plan as well as a well-balanced portfolio that meets the modern needs of the market, which features properties with high marketability and excellent construction quality.

Premia Properties consistently invests in the energy upgrade of its properties that focus on the logistics, big-boxes & social real estate sectors, having a strategy that emphasizes the search for superior return on investment opportunities. Its goal is its transformation into a strong Real Estate Investment Societe Anonyme (AEEAP).

Aimed at continuous development, the successful implementation of the targeted strategy, Premia Properties has an experienced management team with a clear orientation to achieve the best result, with great skills in entrepreneurship, project development, rapid but strong project upgrades and management and evolution of people.

Premia building (not hers)

Timeless driving force of the company, its people who hold a high level of know-how, excellent knowledge of their industry and a unique sense of teamwork.

At the same time, the company has an increased participatory culture that encourages the integration in its share capital, of the whole public. Its goal is to offer and create value for its shareholders by reciprocating their trust through the payment of dividends, with its main and primary concern, the creation of a strong name in the real estate sector with guarantees of success.

New investments and strong foundations

PREMIA, continuing its dynamic course, significantly strengthened its investment portfolio in the field of supply chain (logistics) and big-box commercial real estate, while expanding its activity in the field of serviced residential real estate.

In fact, it recently expanded its real estate portfolio with the addition of a total of 9 new properties as well as a strategic entry in the sector of serviced residential real estate.

It is indicative that at the end of the nine months of 2021, the total value of the Group’s investments, increased by 63% to 173.1 million euros.

Also during the same period, a significant increase of the Group’s Net Position was achieved, which amounted to 114.6 million euros. as well as its cash and cash equivalents which amounted to 43.8 million, following the recent Share Capital Increase.

In addition it was recorded increase revenue, improve operating profitability and pre-tax profitability on a consolidated basis in relation to the corresponding period 2020 as a result of the addition of new investments as well as the subsidiary JPA AEES.

Premia property

With assets exceeding 230 million euros, Premia Properties has a strong capital structure with low borrowing. It also has strength and credibility through its international major shareholder Sternen Stenhus, as well as a balanced and well-diversified portfolio of 26 properties in Greece, with a total gross value of € 171 million, including PPP-managed schools. Also noteworthy is the successful, third in a row, increase in its share capital that attracted a large number of investors and was exceeded by 1.36 times.


Source From: Capital

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