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The complaint about dating apps – ‘Men have no hope, we play basketball in the dark’

The applications dating are quite common, with many looking for their other half or to spend a pleasant evening, but it seems that the acceptance is not at the same rate for men and women.

As stated by nypost.comits user TikTok called Jeremy Cryer uploaded a video, in which he mentions that he did an experiment with a colleague to see if men can easily find acceptance on apps, like women.

Jeremy Cryer

According to him, his colleague had 39 requests in just two days, unlike him, who found no response. “There is no hope for men“, he said characteristically in the video that has gone viral.

“You understand that men we have to wait weeks to get likeslet alone a person we care about sending us a message”, he said and added that “we play basketball in the dark. Blindfolded, backwards and hoping to score a basket that is smaller than the actual ball».

The comments are divided

Comments immediately rained down on the post, with users appearing divided, but not disputing the fact Jeremy Cryer quoted. Some reported that social norms and male behavior discourage women from the immediately send a request, while others noted that it is not quantity that counts, but quality.

“Just because she got 39 requests doesn’t mean she’s going to deal with all of them,” one woman wrote, while another noted that “I get sent all the time, but I don’t see most of them because I’m picky.”

At the same time, another user wondered “but how many are really involved?” and another reported that “I get a lot too, but they never take off or go away after a while.”

Source: News Beast

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