The conclusion of the Inter-Party Committee for the Development of Thrace was handed over to the Speaker of the Parliament by its chairman, Dora Bakoyannis

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The importance of the implementation of the plan “Strategic development planning for the development of Eastern Macedonia-Thrace”, so that “a remote region can breathe again for the benefit of our country as a whole”, stressed the Speaker of Parliament, Konstantinos Tassoulas, receiving today the relevant conclusion from the chairman of the Inter-Party Committee for the Development of Thrace, Dora Bakoyannis.

According to a relevant announcement of the Parliament, delivering the conclusion, Mrs. Bakoyannis stressed that “a very important work was done, despite the problems we had due to coronavirus”, while thanking all the colleagues who participated, especially Mr. Roussopoulos and Mr. Karidis, who was the head of the working groups “. He pointed out that “it is a timeless development proposal for Thrace which has included all the ideas that existed from all the parties”, clarifying, however, that this conclusion “is unfortunately only of the majority, as partisan reasons kept the other parties away”. . The President of the Commission underlined that “in essence this proposal can change things in Thrace and is a very important work” emphasizing that what it includes “is feasible and is not a wish list”.

For his part, the Speaker of Parliament warmly thanked Mrs. Bakoyannis and all the members of the Committee for the thorough work on the development of Thrace, which is, as he said, “a proof of the tireless and important work done in Parliament, which not only does it protect itself but it works intensively all this time of the pandemic. ”

As Mr. Tassoulas pointed out, the Inter-Party Committee was set up unanimously by the Conference of Presidents in July 2020, following a relevant proposal by the Prime Minister and a decision of the Plenary, and “all colleagues, regardless of the majority or the minorities – this is the rule of the Republic – they worked to get this result “.

Addressing Dora Bakoyannis, the Speaker of Parliament pointed out that “it is a historical coincidence that a similar conclusion was delivered to the Speaker of Parliament during the presidency of your father, Konstantinos Mitsotakis, in ’92”.

Both agreed that the important thing now is to implement this finding and that this is safeguarded through the Monitoring Committee that will be set up and approved by the Parliament and which will monitor every year and will present to the Plenary the progress that has been made in Thrace. .

The Speaker of the Parliament stressed that “all the actors in Thrace expect a lot from the implementation of such proposals that give meaning to parliamentarism” religion and the protection of the environment of the area.

Finally, Mr. Tassoulas announced in advance that after delivering the conclusion to the deputies of all parties, a relevant discussion will be scheduled in the Plenary “so that Thrace will no longer wait”.

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