The construction industry is open to the labor force from Ukraine

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of Eleni Botas

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The construction sector is open to the absorption of labor by Ukraine in the construction sector.

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According to information, the government is considering providing incentives for the employment of Ukrainian refugees in the construction sector. Today the number of Ukrainian refugees who have crossed the border in Greece amounts to 4,649, a number that is expected to increase further in the coming days.

The employment of Ukrainian refugees in the construction sector is estimated to be a solution to the serious labor shortage observed in the industry, causing concern to all involved, as large private and public projects are expected to begin in the near future.

Indicative of the situation that prevails is what the CEO of Lamda Development, Athanassiou Street, said a few days ago about the lack of workers, characterizing it as a big problem in the industry.

In fact, as he mentioned, the goal is for the construction work on the Elliniko project to start before the big public works, in order to find people to work with, because otherwise the situation will be very difficult.

On the other hand, private manufacturers claim that if the works start in Elliniko, there will be no worker to work in any small or large private project.

Therefore, the possibility of employment of Ukrainian refugees in the construction sector is characterized by industry executives, particularly encouraging as they claim to be “people with high qualifications and experience”.

A major issue is the lack of manpower

As reported by Capital.graccording to ELSTAT data, in the fourth quarter of 2009 before the outbreak of the financial crisis in the country, the construction sector employed 364,100 people, while in 2020 the manpower of the construction sector decreased to 144,000, a decrease of 60.4%

That is, six out of ten workers have changed careers or may have left the country in search of work in the same field.

In the first quarter of 2021 their total number decreased further by 6% who stated that their last job was in the construction industry.

The problem of labor shortages has been mentioned in recent months by high-ranking executives in the construction industry, describing the shrinking of technical and labor personnel as a side effect of limited construction activity throughout the previous period.

Source: Capital

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