The Coronavirus Disaster In India. Reason – “perfect Storm”, According To Who: Factors

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The spike in the incidence of COVID-19 that hit India’s health system this spring was driven by a combination of factors, not just the spread of a more infectious and less immunocompromised strain. This was stated by the representative of the World Health Organization Tarik Yasharevich, writes Reuters.


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One of the main causes of the disaster, according to a WHO official, is the careless and irresponsible behavior of many citizens, who relaxed early and celebrated the recent local holidays in large groups.

“The combination of weakening personal protective measures, mass gatherings and the presence of more infectious variants of the virus, while still having low vaccine coverage, could create the conditions for the perfect storm,” Yasharevich said.

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The official stressed that the extent to which the B.1.617 mutant virus (with two key changes in the S-protein gene – L452R and E484Q) is responsible for the outbreak, “remains unclear.”

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In addition, elections were recently held in the country, which could also affect the increase in the incidence: in many places people stood in queues for hours to vote.

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Moreover, the collapse in some hospitals occurred because, according to the WHO representative, many go there in panic with mild / moderate symptoms, and with them it is quite possible to “sit out” the illness at home.

Only ~ 15% of covid patients need hospital treatment, Yasharevich added.

Photo: ERA
Photo: ERA

In India, for about a week, the daily number (only officially) of cases is over 300,000, and up to 3,000 deaths per day. The real figures are much higher, according to health experts. For such a number of cases, there are not enough oxygen points in hospitals, concentrators and oxygen at gas stations.

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