The creator of Dogecoin called the crypto market a mixture of optimism, FOMO, panic and fraud

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Billy Markus, one of the creators of Dogecoin, said that he had not been working in the project for more than 7.5 years, and expressed his opinion about the cryptocurrency market in general.

Billy Markus, alias Shibetoshi Nakamoto on Twitter, wrote to its subscribers, who has not been a part of the Dogecoin development team for more than 7.5 years and does not plan to work in this project.

Markus made this clarification due to the fact that many users, including newcomers to the cryptocurrency space, consider him to be the lead developer of the DOGE coin. According to Marcus, he just helps people see the cryptocurrency market for what it is, trying to do it in a fun way.

Indeed, the co-founder of Dogecoin is known for his sharp and outspoken statements regarding crypto assets. Markus recently called 95% of cryptocurrency projects “garbage” with no real value, which caused heated discussions in the community. Marcus has now characterized the digital asset industry as follows:

“What is the cryptocurrency market? It is a mixture of exaggerated optimism, fear of missing out, panic, fraud, hype, irrationality, gambling, and general stupidity. Among all this “porridge” you can find only grains of useful things,” Markus wrote.

Although he does not work on the Dogecoin project, Markus calls himself a DOGE addict. He noted that now this coin is in a healthier state than it was a few years ago. He thanked the developers who are making efforts to develop the Dogecoin ecosystem in order to accelerate the widespread adoption of DOGE.

Recently, many companies have begun to accept DOGE cryptocurrency for payment. Last month, the Porsche Towson dealership added support for the dog coin, and in March, the Latvian airline airBaltic did so.

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