The creators of AnubisDAO sold tokens for $ 60 million and disappeared with investors’ money

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The developers of the new project AnubisDAO held a token sale, during which they raised $ 60 million, after which they withdrew all the money and closed their accounts in social networks.

The creators of the project promoted AnubisDAO as a fork of the OlympusDAO stablecoin. In addition, the theme of “dog coins” was used to attract attention – the ancient Egyptian god Anubis, depicted with a dog’s head, was chosen as the theme of the cryptocurrency. Users were also recruited through the Discord server and Twitter account.

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The project was launched on October 28, but quickly caught the attention of users. During the token sale, investors invested $ 60 million in ETH in AnubisDAO. At the same time, the sale of ANKH tokens should have taken longer, but, apparently, the developers decided that they already had enough funds. 20 hours after the start of the token sale, liquidity was removed from the pool, and ETH for $ 60 million was moved to another address. After that, the ANKH rate collapsed to zero and investors were left with nothing.

Interestingly, through another Twitter account, one of the developers wrotethat the project was the victim of a phishing attack. He stated that they received a letter in the mail with a document that turned out to be a virus, and the attackers gained access to the funds. True, users do not believe in such a banal hacking of the project.

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As a reminder, at the end of October, the DeFi Cream Finance protocol was hacked for the third time in a year. Hackers were able to withdraw assets worth $ 110 million.

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