«The Crown 5»: the first photo of Imelda Staunton in the role of Queen Elizabeth

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Filming began last April, but of the fifth season of The Crown, which will arrive on Netflix in 2022, nothing has been leaked except the renewal of the cast, completely revolutionized compared to the last two, and the new time frame that the Windsors will go through in the course of the new episodes. Now, however, the platform breaks the silence and shares the first official photo of actress Imelda Staunton in the role of Queen Elizabeth, a role inherited by the Oscar winner Olivia Colman and, before that, by the talented Claire Foy.

The actress, who we recently saw in the role of a royal also in the movie Downton Abbey, seems perfectly at ease in the role of Lilibet: similar in expression and look and statuesque in expression and composure. For her, famous throughout the world for having lent her face to Professor Dolores Umbridge in the saga of Harry Potter – although it would be unfair not to mention the Coppa Volpi which he won at the Venice Film Festival in 2004 for Vera Drake’s secret by Mike Leigh, which also led her to the Oscar and Goden Globe nominations – this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, as well as a test that is certainly not trivial: to compete with the queen is, for an English interpreter, an honor and a burden, and we can’t wait to see how Staunton fares.

Together with her in the fifth season of The Crown, who will tackle the tumultuous decade of the 1990s by focusing on the divorce of Charles and Diana, the shock interview granted to the BBC about which there has been so much talk in the last month, and, of course, about the disappearance of the sad princess, already the subject of the film The Queen di Stephen Frears, there will also be Jonathan Pryce as her husband, Prince Philip (who died in April), Lesley Manville in those of Sister Margaret ed Elizabeth debicki in those of Diana. “I loved The Crown right away, ”said Staunton shortly before filming began. “As an actress it was a real joy to see Claire Foy, first, and Olivia Colman, then, bring something unique and special to Peter Morgan’s script. I am sincerely honored to be part of this extraordinary creative team, and to accompany The Crown to its conclusion “. The wait is long, and the subjects are hungry.

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