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The Crown 6: Diana’s most famous photos and images from the series. The comparison

Among the main accusations made against The Crown 6, arrived on Netflix last November 16th, it is theexcessive imagination. Inaccuracies, things that don’t add up, more or less gross errors in which the secondary protagonists who experienced those days first hand don’t recognize themselves.

The Crown 6 and the ingenious idea to tell the story of Diana’s death (moving away from The Queen)
The first (extraordinary) episodes of the Netflix series portray the disappearance of the princess in a delicate way and with a brilliant touch that has nothing to do with the film starring Helen Mirren

Thus, accusations and interpretations chase each other, leaving out the central point of the question: a TV series has no duty to report the facts as they occurred in reality. Furthermore, not much is known about many things even today: who could tell what that last summer really was like Lady Diana, royal insiders and former butlers? The feeling is that The Crown has fictionalized where he had no sure footholds, as well as having shuffled the cards a bit and confused episodes and events to narrative needs. And if on the one hand it fails and insinuates doubts (did Mohammed Al-Fayed really push his son to date Diana? Was Dodi really that much under the control of his parent?) on the other it impresses, with the expressiveness of Elizabeth Debicki, that the real Diana diligently studied and those details from historical reconstruction that range from clothes to words and bring to mind every moment of that morning in which the world woke up without the people’s princess.

1) Charles at Balmoral with William and Harry

THE points of connection with reality there are so many. Just compare the images of the series with the real ones of thatsummer of 1997, divided between Lady Diana literally hunted by the paparazzi and the tranquility of Balmoral, where William and Harry were together with their father Charles and the rest of the family. There really are shots taken on the River Dee, not far from the Scottish castle. They portray the then Prince of Wales with his children and his dog Tigga, on a walk in nature.

Charles with his children in Scotland, August 1997.

Anwar Hussein/Getty Images

The transposition of the scene into the fiction of the TV series ©Netflix.

Keith Bernstein/Netflix

2) Lady Diana’s last summer, (almost) as in The Crown 6

And there really are images of the princess in a swimsuit, on the diving board Jonikal, the yacht owned by the Al-Fayeds on which he spent part of his last summer. A summer in which the princess constantly moved to escape photographers, just like her in her fiction.

The real Lady Diana on Jonikal.

API/Getty Images

Elizabeth Debicki as Princess in The Crown 6.

Daniel Escale/Netflix

3) The real Lady Diana against mines in Angola

The Crown 6 it also traces Lady Diana’s commitment against anti-personnel mines. In the final season of the series, the princess makes a trip to Bosnia, where he walks across a minefield. A very famous image, even in reality. However, this is a creative license because Diana did take that walk which became historic, but in Angola, in January 1997 and not in the summer of his death.

Lady Diana in Angola in January 1997. The princess was engaged in a campaign against landmines.

Anwar Hussein Collection/Getty Images

Elizabeth Debicki as Diana during a trip to Bosnia, summer 1997 ©Netflix.

Des Willie/Netflix

4) The princess’s famous leopard costume

The Crown 6 he doesn’t lie, however, about the photographers who hounded the princess. Wherever she went they were already there, always, and they never failed to photograph her in a costume that caused quite a stir at the time, even though she had nothing scandalous about her: leopard print, However, it ended up in all the newspapers, because it gave the world a new image of Diana, a free woman again, in her moment of maximum beauty and visibility. A costume that is also seen in the TV series.

Lady Diana in St. Tropez in July 1997.

Anwar Hussein

A similar scene in The Crown 6 ©Netflix.

5) Camilla’s birthday at Highgrove House

Yes, Queen Camilla, who turned 50 in 1997, really celebrated at Highgrove House, Charles’ residence in Gloucestershire. Her and she was dressed and coiffed just like her in The Crown 6. Among the guests, also Princess Margaret, sister of Elizabeth II, a detail on which the TV series lingers quite a bit.

Camilla on her arrival at Highgrove in 1997.

Barry Batchelor – PA Images/Getty Images

The party in fiction ©Netflix.

Keith Bernstein/Netflix

6) Elizabeth II’s speech on the death of Diana

Same shot, same look, same words: in The Crown 6 the passage in which Elizabeth II speaks to the nation and remembers Diana is faithful. It was September 5, 1997, five days after the death of the princess, days in which the royal family was harshly criticized (at home and elsewhere) for the attitude it took towards her death. Faced with the commotion of the world, however, Elizabeth had to give in, also pushed by the then Prime Minister Tony Blair, and she returned to London.

Elizabeth II gave a speech from Buckingham Palace on 5 September 1997.

The queen of fiction during the speech on the death of Lady Diana ©Netflix.

7) The Harrods windows with photos of Diana and Dodi

After the deaths of Lady Diana and Dodi, Mohamed Al-Fayed dressed in mourning a window of Harrods, the London department store of which he was the owner, a detail also present in The Crown 6. A curiosity? Nine years after the couple’s death, a statue dedicated to all the innocent victims was installed, with a photo of the two. It was removed in 2019, when the department store’s ownership changed.

A Harrods window display in September 1997, honoring Diana and Dodi.

Tim Graham/Getty Images

The TV series revived the homage wanted by Mohammed Al-Fayed for his son and partner ©Netflix.

8) Lady Diana’s funeral and Harry and William’s walk behind the coffin

It is well known that Harry and William did not want to walk in public behind their mother’s coffin, as they themselves admitted several times as adults, reiterating that such a thing It wouldn’t happen today. At the time, there was no sensitivity to avoid it, handing over the bewilderment and pain of two little boys to the whole world, in a senseless catwalk. «If you do it, I will too», Philip said to William, as recalled by Princess Anne in an interview after her father’s death. Philip was a great support to his nephew in those moments, and also The Crown 6 lingers on this detail.

Harry and William behind their mother’s coffin, it was September 7, 1997.

Tim Graham/Getty Images

The walk in the Netflix TV series ©Netflix.

Source: Vanity Fair

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