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The Crown 6: Elizabeth Debicki and Dominic West actually cried in Diana and Charles’ last scene

Although many have called it kitsch, it is inevitable that the last scene of the sixth and final season of The Crown with protagonists Diana and Charles caught the attention of the spectators because we were all curious to understand how the two would say goodbye. After that fleeting meeting in the car before the summer, with Carlo played by Dominic West who rejoiced with Diana played by Elizabeth Debicki about the new balance achieved by the couple, the two do not see each other again until the fourth episode, when Diana is now dead and Carlo is sitting on the sofa trying to figure out what to do now that she is no longer here. The gimmick used by Peter Morgan that made some people turn up their noses was have the two characters meet one last time by turning Diana into a ghost to allow Carlo to reconcile with his ex-wife after all the harm he has done to her.

By Daniel Escale/Netflix.

Regardless of whether the poetic license was liked or not, it is clear that the emotional effort of the actors Elizabeth Debicki and Dominic West was so great that lead them to be truly moved on set, especially for the load of pain and responsibility they carried on their shoulders. «In my opinion what Peter Morgan was trying to achieve in those scenes of The Crown it was having a very real conversation about grief,” Debicki told EW. «I know personally that, when you lose someone, the desire to converse with them and have them back there instantly is very realand that’s why I found that scene incredibly moving,” added the actress before calling that take “devastating.”

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«It’s one of the saddest things I’ve ever shot as an actress. I remember sitting down and we didn’t even rehearse: they just turned on the cameras and everything happened by itself. In our small way, we tried to take our own kind of pain and channel it into our characters. Dominic was truly heartbreaking to me in that scene. You don’t see him in the episode, but we both cried after every take: we had to kind of dry all our tears before we could start shooting again. It was a difficult time.” In the final dialogue of Charles and Diana in The Crown the princess thanks the prince for crying once he rushed to the hospital, telling him that, probably, everything would have been easier without her now. «No, it won’t be», Carlo replies, adding that the only thought that crossed his mind once he heard the news of her death was remorse. The final six episodes of the sixth season of The Crown will be available on Netflix on December 14th.

Source: Vanity Fair

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