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The Crown, in season six swimsuits will be Diana’s new evening dresses

The Crownswimsuits instead of evening dresses. Sidonie Robertsthe costume designer in charge of transforming Elizabeth Debicki in Diana through the clothes, she tells the press how she succeeded in the operation. «The sixth season has a small number of clothes» comments Roberts, seeing in the few items hanging on hangers the drama of a life interrupted too soon.

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Appointment at the Lirico theater in Milan on 25 and 26 November


A good part of the stage wardrobe is made up of swimwearmore or less exact replicas of those worn by the princess on her holidays on the island Jonikal Of Mohamed Al Fayed between France and Italy insummer of 1997the last one lived by Diana, killed in an accident in Paris on August 31 of that year.

Princess Diana on holiday in Saint-Tropez in July 1997.

Michel Dufour

«The swimsuit is the new evening dress of this season» explains Sidonie Roberts, keeping in mind a Before it’s a Then of Diana in The Crown. The successful TV series by Netflix he had the opportunity to retrace all the styles embraced by the royal in her brief earthly existence.

From the little girl with the collars and colorful sweatersto the fairytale princess who wore dream dresses, sometimes to amaze, other times to impress like, for example, the very famous Revenge Dress perfectly reproduced in season 5 of the series.

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Clothes or investments? Princess Diana’s clothes up for auction at their weight in gold

The price you pay to conquer an item that belonged to is high fashion icon. 26 years after her death, the clothes from the royal’s wardrobe are still in the news: whoever wins them takes home a real treasure to lock in the safe


In the first part of the sixth season of The Crown released on November 16th, beachwear is central. In fact, much space is given to the time Diana spent on the yacht and in her Al Fayed villa in Saint-Tropez, with and without her and her children William And Harryor engaged in a game of seduction with Dodi.

The poster of the first part of the sixth season of The Crown with Diana/Elizabeth Debicki with the famous light blue costume.

From that summer there are numerous photographs published in newspapers all over the world. A couple of these are, as they appropriately say this time, iconic. One in particular is so representative that it was chosen, offering another point of view, for the poster of The Crown.

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Diana, the princess influencer for good: what you don’t know about her most iconic sweatshirt

The red balloon seen under the jacket in one of Diana’s most famous outfits was the symbol of the British Lung Foundation, one of charity supported by Diana. The sweatshirt reappears on The Crown 5 but the news is different: it is still on sale today


Who doesn’t remember the solitary Diana on the Jonikal diving board peering into the horizon with that light blue one-piece swimsuit like the sea? To make it clear how much that shot is rooted in the imagination linked to the princess, just think that in 2013 a similar choice was made for the poster of the biographical film Diana with Naomi Watts but not only. The American singer-songwriter SZA in recent times he drew inspiration from it for the cover of his album SOS.

Diana with the famous light blue costume on the trampoline of Dodi Al Fayed’s yacht in the summer of 1997.

API/Getty Images

To have a faithful copy of that and other one-piece costumes chosen for the crucial scenes of The CrownSidonie Roberts turned to Gottex, the brand that made Diana’s original ones. Going and looking for the same brand gives the measure of the degree of accuracy that the production reserves for the clothes, an integral part of the show.

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Returning to the costumes, there is the light blue one, remodeled on the back to adapt to the physicality of Elizabeth Debicki (the actress is 1.90 meters tall) but thewhole leopard print along with a colored one, a patterned one and a black one.

Each costume is linked to a state of mind of Diana, to an intention, to a role. Diana shows off a purple costume and fluorescent colors, bright tones, to have fun with her children in the middle of the sea. She uses a black and white one to flirt with Dodi Al Fayed. And when passion breaks out between the two, flowers will sprout on the elastane.

Diana/Elizabeth Debicki in The Crown she poses for photographers just to be left alone.

The costume animalier instead she needs it to exercise her power as a fashion icon. How does she do it? In fact, she trades a few poses with that costume for a peaceful afternoon to spend with William and Harry. Furthermore, the date of those shots is not accidental. The photo shoot was improvised on July 17, the day of the detested girl’s 50th birthday Camillathe eternal rival beloved by her ex-husband Carlo.

Queen Camilla shows off her nails, but she is certainly not the only royal to love animalier

A few days ago, the wife of King Charles III showed off a scratchy dress with a spotted print, an unusual pattern by the queen’s standards, but which she seems to like. To you and many other royal ladies


That one-piece, by the way, had a moment of popularity last summer. The still photos of the fictional Diana had already been released, so find the model Safari it had become news on the Gottex brand website. The price for that immortal piece was “only” 160 dollars (around 150 euros).

Instagram content

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How did that spotted costume get into Diana’s suitcase? It was June Kentonowner of Rigby&Pellerthe corsetry that with a Royal Warrants provided underwear to the Queen Elizabeth, to present the award-winning company to the princess. «Gottex produces the most beautiful swimsuits» the businesswoman born in 1935 who became Diana’s friend at the gym told her «I’ll take you to them and you choose what you want».

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From cufflinks to patterned ties, through tailored suits and coats as old as him. A style icon despite himself, the sovereign is the best testimonial of Made in Britain. The secret? Always stay true to yourself and never throw anything away


The founder of Gottex, Lea Gottlieb (the name comes from the union of the surname with “tex” of textile in English) he even took the plane to satisfy the needs of that illustrious customer. A story within a story, that of Lea Gottlieb, who, having escaped toHolocaust from then Czechoslovakia, she came to Israel in 1949 with her husband and founded a raincoat company, since that’s what they did in their country.

Elizabeth Debicki/Diana in the flowered costume.

Daniel Escale/Netflix

However, Jaffa’s sunny climate convinced them that they had to change their business. Mrs. Gottlieb pledged her faith, so she bought some fabrics and started creating beach clothing. It was she who described the colors she used for her clothes that she wanted bright as an antidote to the evils she had experienced. «Turquoise is that of the Mediterranean Sea» he said as if to describe prematurely that creation of his which is still so present in our memory today.

Princess Diana in 1997 with the costume reproduced in The Crown.

Michel Dufour

When that photograph was taken, no one would have ever imagined the tragic epilogue now narrated by the sixth season of The Crown. If until recently before the summer of 1997 Diana had turned our heads with vaporous or sexy evening dresses, clothes suitable for Cinderella or ad Alexis by Dynastystyles that were always different depending on the seasons of life she was experiencing, suddenly we found her in the newspapers stripped of all those frills, with a few centimeters of elasticated fabric, with her thoughts but also with her smiles.
Because Diana was capable of this, she always gave us the dimension of dreams even when she was in a bathing suit. This was the magic of her. A magic, however, paid at a high price.

Source: Vanity Fair

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