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The crypto community did not like the new NFT collection CryptoPunks

“Yuga Killed CryptoPunks”: On May 20, a new collection of CryptoPunks non-fungible tokens (NFTs) called Super Punk World was released, which was not well received by the community.

Yuga Labs CEO Greg Solano, in response to the reaction from members of the crypto community, said that his company will no longer work on CryptoPunks. The NFT collection will become completely decentralized.

New CryptoPunks collection

Super Punk World is a collection of 500 hybridized 3D sculptures. According to the idea, they blur the boundaries between race and gender and rethink the essence of virtual and real identity.

What does the Super Punk World collection look like? Source: CryptoPunks

This is the first collection created by Yuga Labs under the CryptoPunks brand. The company that created Bored Ape Yacht Club bought the rights to the “punk” collection in March 2022. Yuga representatives then stated that they wanted to bring additional value to CryptoPunks.

The site invited New York artist Nina Abney to create a new collection of avatars.

Artist Nina Abney. Source: CryptoPunks

According to Abney, the digital characters combine her artistic style and pay homage to early Web3 projects. In particular, “cryptopunks”. In addition, they also raise pressing social issues, namely racism and sexism.

However, no matter how interesting the idea was, some members of the cryptocurrency community attacked Abney’s NFT collection with harsh criticism.

Hate in the crypto community

Some users condemned the art style and concept of an attempt to rethink the cult project CryptoPunks. Others accused Nina Abney of inciting hatred in the community through her work focusing on race and gender.

“Serious question: have you even asked collectors if this would be a good idea?” — wrote one of the users.

Collector under the nickname quary.sats on X (formerly Twitter) noted, that “blurring the boundaries between genders” is the dumbest idea that came to the minds of representatives of the CryptoPunks brand. He advised the team to leave Yuga Labs and move on.

Yuga CEO Greg Solano responded to the negativity from the community. In the message he statedthat his company would no longer touch “punks”. The collection will become completely decentralized.

“Our plan is to ensure that Nina's latest collection gets into the hands of those who support her work, so we will make it available only to SuperCoolWorld owners. For now, we are thinking about the option of distribution through airdrop,” he also noted.

The artist confirmed Yuga's plans and thanked the project for its support. IN in your tweet Abney also condemned attacks from the crypto community:

“I am extremely disgusted by some racist, sexist, homophobic [и] transphobic comments that were heard during the controversy surrounding our project. I am now re-energized to continue my mission to create an inclusive community where everyone is accepted and ideas that lead to productive conversations are welcomed. Hate is unacceptable,” she wrote.

Source: Cryptocurrency

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