The D’Amelio family will be the protagonist of a reality show of their own

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Notice to all fans of the D’Amelio sisters: Charli and Dixie, together with their parents, will be the protagonists of a reality show called The D’Amelio Show.

In eight episodes (at least for the moment) we will have a little taste of what it means to be part of the D’Amelio world, from the normal family routine to the management of followers, public engagements and publications on social media (first of all TikTok). Are you already dying of curiosity? Fortunately for you, there is already a trailer to give us some anticipation:

It is not yet known when the first episode will air, but it is very likely that it will be after the summer but in any case by the end of 2021.. Hulu, the TV channel that produced the reality show, explained that their intention is “to show the life of two very young girls who have managed to fulfill the dream of many people: to become famous on social media”. A life, therefore, a little out of the ordinary but which is still very similar, as you can see from the first images, to that of any other teenager: “I still have to make my bed every morning”, she says a little disconsolately Charli.

But what should we expect from this new show? “We are very happy to have our own reality show – he explained Charli – and we never expected to have such a dream come true. We are a very close family, so the intention is to show the everyday and normal family dynamics that you don’t see on TikTok or Instagram“. Although there is some nervousness about how the audience will react and how they will judge the relationship between the sisters D’Amelio: «I get along very well with Charli and we have a beautiful relationship, but obviously we fight and I don’t know how these differences can be perceived from the outside, “he added Dixie.

We can’t wait to give you more news on the subject. Stay tuned!

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