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The day of commemoration of great games, the colors that make the sky colorful and the coming Christmas

A lot can happen in a week, which are written on the pages of history and are reflected in the photographs of photojournalists. Major developments in global and domestic events monopolize media attention.

Thus, through the photos, they are distinguished what happened in the world, in a cluster of beautiful colors and important moments. Powerful images with strong messages are presented below, to convey the situation more directly to the public from here to the other side of the Earth.

Not much needs to be said about the photos below. They are concentrated in them what happened in the world last week.

Greece, Athens: 50 years since the student uprising

On Friday (17/11) Greece celebrated its 50ththe his anniversary Polytechnic. A crowd of people turned up at the Polytechnic, in order to honor the struggles of the students for the restoration of the Republic. Persons from the political scene of the country, but also various people of all ages came to the Polytechnic to leave a flower in honor of the people who lost their lives to bring down the Junta in Greece.

Israel-Hamas war: Hateful strikes without end

A footprint in a shelter in Israel, near Gaza

Day by day, the situation in the Middle East is getting worse and worse, with the Israel has flattened Palestine. The photo above was taken from Kibbutz Nir Oz, Israel, near the Gaza Strip. The shape of a hand is marked with blood on the wall of a shelter located in the workers’ housing section of Thailand. The kibbutz was attacked during the Hamas offensive on October 7killing and capturing members of his community.

Germany: The 20-hour train strike

Train strike in Germany

Without trains stayed Germany for 20 hours specifically, as drivers decided to demand better wages, bonuses and reduced hours. “Almost nothing is moving,” a German Railways spokesman said, noting that only 20% of long-distance routes are running normally. Indicative, instead of 700 trains a day, today only 140 are running. However, the German media reports that no chaos has been caused at the stations, as “passengers had prepared for this and many chose to work from home”.

Spain, Madrid: Amnesty caused disapproval

Protests in Spain

A protester holds a rosary next to a police officer during an anti-amnesty protest at the Socialist Party headquarters in Madrid on Spain. Demonstrations supported by the Vox party took to the streets on Saturday night, because the Socialists in Spain granted amnesty to separatists in Cataloniain exchange for the support of the new government.

England, London: The city smelled of Christmas

The Royal Botanic Gardens in London

While we are a month and something away from the Christmasthe enchanting London he put his holiday stuff on, as he does every year at this time. At the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London, people walk through the festive light path. This year’s festive light trail is a celebration of nature at night, bringing Kew’s natural architecture to life.

Brazil: The country is on fire with a temperature of up to 58.5 degrees Celsius

Heatwave in Brazil

With climate change now affecting every corner of the Earth, temperatures in Brazil have caused problems in the daily life of Brazilians. Rio de Janeiro has already recorded the highest temperature on record, with the mercury exceeding 42.5 degrees Celsius. At the same time, the national record high temperature was broken on Tuesday (14/11), when the temperature sensation reached 58.5 degrees Celsius. So Brazilians tried to cool down as best they could and, as seen in the photo, a man sat in the fountain of Madureira Park, in case he could cope with the heat wave that is hitting the country.

Mato Grosso: Heat wave fires burn world’s largest tropical wetland

Cayman in Brazil

Crocodiles sit on the banks of the nearly dried up Bento Gomes River in the Pantanal wetlands near Pocone, Mato Grosso state, Brazil. Amid scorching heat, fires burn Pantanal habitat, the world’s largest tropical wetland.

Dubai: The spectacular Dubai Air Show once again stole the show

Dubai Airshow

The Dubai Airshow is an air show held every two years in Dubai of the United Arab Emirates, under the auspices of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, in collaboration with the country’s Civil Aviation Authority, Dubai Airports, Dubai World Central and the Armed Forces of UAE. The Frecce Tricolori (Tricolor Arrows)the aerobatic team of the Italian Air Force, performed during the opening day of the Dubai Air Show, putting on a spectacular show.

Source: News Beast

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