The death of Davide Astori, Bernardeschi: “I still feel the absolute emptiness”

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“If I close my eyes and go back to that day, the feeling is of absolute emptiness.” Federico Bernardeschi still feels the pain of the death of Davide Astori. It was March 4, 2018. The then Fiorentina captain was away with the team. He didn’t come down for breakfast. The door of his room was opened and the defender was found dead in a room of the hotel Là di Moret in Udine. He was 31 years old.

Federico Bernardeschi he was his teammate for two years and is his friend forever.

In the eighth episode of Ossi di Cuttlefish, the noise of memory (non-fiction series that recounts events of the last thirty years) exclusively from 2 March on RaiPlay he told his memory. For Vanity Fair, the clip you find below.

The story starts from those minutes. «I tried to call the doctors at Fiorentina, people I knew very well. Nobody answered me. The team doctor confirmed I burst into tears and even now I can’t talk about it. UIt is one thing to learn such news and one thing is to live with it. Going to bed in the evening and not waking up the next morning is something that leads you to many reflections ».

The last time together she had been in the national team: “Until three in the morning in the room eating nuts and chatting about everything: from family to football and life” he says with a smile that never fails when he thinks of the man before to the footballer. «A pure, simple boy. When you convey these values there are no flags, there are no colors, but humanity is simply there. We are seen as invincible, but we are human beings with weaknesses, frailties and strengths ».

It is a tale made up of anecdotes. “He came from behind and slapped me. He used to say: “You deserve one in the day”. When I scored he was the first to come on my shoulders. He loved to joke, but he always had a good word, some advice to give you, he knew how to cheer you up even in difficult moments ».

Very difficult on the day of funeral. “He devastated me on a human and personal level because it was a magical moment with so many people and tragic because we all realized that he was gone. This experience taught me to enjoy all loved ones in every single moment. To have so many memories as if these people always relive ».

«I got his number tattooed on 13. It’s a piece of my history, he was like a football brother. It had to be imprinted for life embedded in the Ave Maria, as if it were protected. He left the human being in football. He brought loyalty, authenticity, purity and friendship »concludes Bernardeschi who is not the only one to remember Astori.

Claudio Marchisio tweeted his memory in the 13th minute of Juventus-Spezia. At this minute, that of his jersey, there will be a memory in all the matches of the midweek round that is played today. There Fiesole curve he called all the fans together asking them to display something purple in the window during the championship round which coincides with the anniversary of the death of the Fiorentina captain, on the night between 3 and 4 March.

On April 2 there will be the new hearing of the trial with shortened rite for the death of the player. The companion participated in that of February 4 Francesca Fioretti. “It was a significant hearing, I confirm and reiterate my faith in justice and on April 2 I will be here again.” It has to be determined whether the death of falconer was avoidable with a more in-depth examination of cardiac anomalies. Accused of manslaughter is Professor Giorgio Galanti.

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