The death toll from the earthquakes in Turkey exceeded 48,000: Authorities are trying to build container cities

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Her wounds afterwards the deadly earthquakes n continues to count Turkey while the number of dead exceeded 48,000, as announced on Monday (13/3) by Interior Minister Suleiman Soylou. At the same time authorities are trying to build container cities to provide long-term shelter to homeless earthquake victims.

The total number of people killed in Turkey and Syria has exceeded 54,000.

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During a press conference in Malatya, one of the provinces affected by the earthquakes, the Suleiman Soylu he pointed out that the death toll in Turkey includes 6,660 foreign nationals, mostly Syrians, adding that authorities are still trying to identify 1,615 victims.

Mr earthquake and strong aftershocks have left more than 115,000 people injured in Turkey while millions have sought shelter in tents or are trying to relocate to other cities.

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The president Tayyip Erdogan pledged to rebuild the homes within a year, but it will be many months before thousands of people are able to leave their temporary shelters – and the daily queues for food – and settle into permanent housing.

The government plans to set up 115,585 containers

Soilou said, as reported by the Athens News Agency, that the government plans to set up 115,585 containers for an equal number of families in 239 locations throughout the earthquake-hit area. He said that so far 23 sites have been organized and 21,000 containers have been set up, with 85,000 people living in them.

The minister said that after the earthquake, 433,536 tents and 354 points have been set up, adding that within the next 10 days, new temporary workplaces will be given to businesses.

During a visit yesterday, Sunday (12/3) to Hatay, one of the worst-hit areas, Tayyip Erdogan said Qatar had committed to sending 10,000 containers, which had been used during the soccer World Cup late last year.

Soilou said 36,257 buildings collapsed and 5,321 buildings have been removed, while 6,000 of the 18,219 buildings deemed to be demolished have been demolished and removed.

He stated that the buildings that collapsed and those that were deemed to be immediately demolished correspond to only 25% of the total works, while the remaining 75% concerns buildings that have suffered serious damage and must be demolished.

Source: News Beast

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