“The decision that will come out of the referendums is not legitimate”, says professor

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This Friday (23) the referendums held by the separatist regions of Ukraine that are occupied by Russian forces and their allied militias, and which deal with the accession of these territories to Russia, begin. The act continues until the 27th of September.

In an interview with CNN professor of security and international politics at the Federal University of Santa Catarina Danielle Ayres pointed out that the decision will not be legitimate because “it is not possible to verify if people are able to vote freely, if the verification procedures are being legitimate and if not there is pressure to vote in favor of the election, in the case of the annexation of these territories to Russia.

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“From the reports we are getting from sources within Ukraine itself, it is not something that is being done freely,” he commented.

She compared Putin’s tactic with that used in Crimea and pointed out what the international community’s position will be: “They will not recognize, just as they did not recognize the Crimea one, but they also did not act much to avoid it or to condemn it later. ”.

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“From the point of view of the international community, this referendum is not legitimate,” he said.

According to Danielle, from the moment Putin manages to transform these territories into Russia, even if he does not have international legitimacy, he will be able to use Russian military doctrine to defend these territories as if they were Russia.

“With that, nuclear weapons become possible to be used. This annexation would give the Russian leader a kind of warlike capability that he still lacks.”

For the teacher, there is no short-term solution.

“In an analytical and very rational way, I think that there is no interest on the part of Russia and the West, especially on the part of the United States, for the conflict to end quickly, because it is not only for the conquest of separatist territories to the east of Ukraine, it is a conflict that has to do with the control of the interactional order and, now, with the survival of Russia as a hegemonic and important actor in the system”, he said.

Source: CNN Brasil

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