The decision to declare the Sectoral Employment Contract mandatory in food was signed

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The Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Kostis Hatzidakis, signed today the Ministerial Decision for the declaration of the sectoral Employment Agreement in food as mandatory, after the relevant suggestion of the Supreme Labor Council.

This means that the salaries and other arrangements provided for in the Collective Agreement are now mandatory for all employees and companies in the sector, even those who had not signed the relevant Agreement.

In accordance with the provisions of the Convention, which has been posted on the website of the Mediation and Arbitration Organization ( the minimum wages, in restaurants, breweries, taverns, bars, nightclubs, catering, skewers and grills are increased and formed (excluding service allowances, weddings, etc.), depending on the specialty of the employee as follows:

Chef 964.42 euros.

Cook A ‘756.29 euros.

Bartender 761.64 euros.

For the specialties (eg cook B and C, bartender, latzer, roaster, bartender assistant, storekeeper, cashier) for which the salaries were set with the BCC at levels lower than the minimum wage as it is formed from May 1, 2022 , ie 713 euros, salaries are automatically adjusted to this level. The same applies to all sectors covered by the Collective Agreement (eg cafes, pubs, canteens, bars, fast food, etc.)

The Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Kostis Hatzidakis, stated: “At the initiative of the government and despite the fact that the employer did not provide the Supreme Labor Council with the information required to declare the sectoral employment contract of food, we proceeded to sign Not only because of the high delinquency observed in the industry in the reports of the Labor Inspectorate, but also because it is a matter of justice for the employees of the specific sector. during the tourist season will be intensive in order to ensure the interests of employees and healthy competition “.


Source: Capital

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