The Deluxe range returns to Lidl for Christmas with more than 350 gourmet products

70% of the products are made by small and medium national suppliers; and includes items with the Denomination of Origin seal

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Lidl has announced the return of the Deluxe range to your supermarkets for this Christmas. This has more than 350 products selected among the most purchased during these festive dates and has a price ranging between 0.99 and 18.99 euros.

Deluxe foods are already available in more than 600 Lidl establishments and its assortment includes a variety of products, including gourmet starters and appetizers to refrigerator items such as meats, salmon and cheeses, preserves, seafood and desserts traditional.

Like every year, Lidl has adjusted the gourmet products of its Deluxe range to the trends and demands of consumers. Regarding the novelties, this year stand out in the frozen section the scallop gratin with seafood, the scallop stuffed with crab, the tuna tataki, the chocolate coulant with raspberry or orange. In the fridge, the nougat flan, the cheese delicacies with red fruits and figs or the duck foie gras block stand out. Finally, on the shelf, highlights such as the Pulpitos in olive oil, the Chutney of tomato and chilli, the yellow and red teardrop pepper and the Extra virgin olive oil with Truffle, among others.

Spanish product

In addition, it is worth highlighting the assortment of Polvorones and Mantecados from Lidl’s own brand DOR, with traditional Estepa Protected Geographical Indication and the Nougat also DOR from Lidl with the Protected Geographical Indication seal of Jijona.

The bet of the German firm has not only been for the novelty, it also looks for the local product; thus 70% of the Deluxe range is made by small and medium national suppliers and includes items with the Denomination of Origin seal.

“At Lidl we believe that, now more than ever, it is necessary to bring families the most select and highest quality products, at the best price. Hand in hand with small and medium national suppliers”, he explained the director of Public Relations of Lidl Espaà ± a, Arantxa Conde it’s a statement.

In addition to being present in the more than 600 stores that make up the Lidl network of stores in Spain, the German company exports Christmas gastronomy made in Spain to Europe every year. In the last 10 years, Lidl has exported Christmas products made in Spain for its brands worth more than 50 million euros.

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