The deputy governor of New York went to the FBI for a corruption case

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The Democratic deputy governor of New York went to the federal police today and appeared before a judge in a corruption case, the prosecutor’s office announced.

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“Brian Benjamin, the deputy governor of New York State, is charged with corruption and other related offenses,” the New York Southern District Attorney’s Office confirmed in a statement.

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The 45-year-old deputy governor “went to the FBI in Manhattan this morning” and appeared before a federal judge, “he explains.

The elected ruler is accused of “exercising his power” as a member of the state parliament since 2019 in order to “divert a grant administered by the State (of New York) to an organization controlled by a real estate investor in exchange for contributions” in his campaign to be elected in 2021 to the position of auditor of public finances of the city of New York.

The grant, amounting to $ 50,000, was paid to a non-profit organization controlled by a real estate investor.

Brian Benjamin is also accused of providing forged documents during his candidacy for the post of deputy governor in the 2022 elections, and that he was “involved in a series of lies and deceptions to hide the mechanism of corruption”.

He faces up to 10 years in prison for corruption, and up to 20 years for other charges, including forgery.

Brian Benjamin rose to the position of deputy governor of New York last August to replace Kathy Hotsul, who became governor after the resignation of Andrew Cuomo’s predecessor, who was accused of sexual assault.

Source: Capital

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