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The developer of the meme coin Slerf burned all tokens for the airdrop

The developer of the Slerf project on the Solana blockchain said that he accidentally burned everything LP— and airdrop tokens.

According to him, the error occurred when trying to burn shitcoins that people sent to the project’s wallet. At the same time, the developer claims that he has already revoked his authority to issue additional coins.

“Guys, I screwed up. There's nothing I can do to fix this. I’m damn sorry,” wrote the project’s official account in X.

The total value of the destroyed coins is 50,000 SOL ($10 million). This entire amount was collected at the presale.

A few hours later the developer wrotethat the project team intends to “do everything possible to restore the funds of the presale participants.”

In the comments, users joke about the developer, calling incident “the largest rug pull in the history of presales to date.” Other notethat the situation is quite “bullish, because now presellers will not be able to dump the token.”

Some commentators are calling on the developer voluntarily surrender law enforcement and tagged FBI.

“Time to go to jail, good luck with the cops,” one wrote.

Also, fraudulent messages from accounts similar to the original one began to appear under the tweet. They offer to send Solana tokens to the addresses they specify under the guise of “a new presale without pro**es.”

Amid the news, the price of SLERF fell by 38.5% over the past 24 hours, according to CoinGecko.

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