The different story of Bathory and Quorthon who defied everyone and rose to the top

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There is an unwritten rule in music that says that the relationship between a band (or a musician) is forged through live performances. Them concerts. There the two poles of this relationship come into closer contact and there they “know” each other better.

In addition to the above, however, which more or less also has the element of romance, there is also marketing which, essentially, imposes this contact with the aim of promoting a new album or, in general, the products that the artists put out for… sale.

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So the question that arises is this: Is it possible for a band to exist that has virtually never performed live and never toured but has conquered the pinnacle of the genre it served, remaining for decades one of the most influential figures in that particular sound? ;

The answer is rather easy: No! If you gave this answer then you probably haven’t heard about the different story of Bathory and Quorthon who defied everyone and reached the top by following the difficult path.

The brash brat who wanted to do everything his way

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From 1997 and for the next six years, Bathory become what they have always been: a one-man band! Quorthon lives alone but continues to write music that still moves today.

The end for the lone Viking came unexpectedly early. On June 7, 2004, Quorthon was found dead in his Stockholm apartment. He was only 38 years old! His death was attributed to cardiac arrest. His body was found four days later…

Such was his musical greatness, that 17 years after his death, on May 27, 2021, Bathory were recognized by their countrymen for their contribution to music as they joined the Swedish Hall Of Fame!

Source: News Beast

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