The Divaniamo: Gossip Girl podcast, a half-successful reboot

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We were convinced that, after 2012, Gossip Girl had already finished its task. For six seasons she kept the boys of Constance Billard School company, fueling the feuds, loves and misunderstandings between Serena, Blair and the whole inner circle of the Upper East Side, with her bright clothes and designer bags. Yet something has changed in recent years. And it is evident that, for someone, Gossip Girl still had something to say. It’s been nine years, the original cast is just a distant memory and the world, in the meantime, has been digitized. Ma Gossip Girl he is still here with us, ready to shake the reputation and credibility of queens and queens who have made appearances and plays of power the backbones of their kingdoms. What has changed since the first time? How Gossip Girl has she managed to leave a world where blogs were the masters to enter another one bombarded by hearts on Instagram?

The eighth episode of We divan, the Vanity Fair podcast dedicated to cinema and TV releases, asks precisely this: if the reboot of Gossip Girl, available in Italy on Sky Serie, on demand on Sky Go and streaming on NOW, whether or not he added something to the original cult series, with which he shares two things. The setting, the prestigious Constance Billard School in New York, and the protagonists who enjoy destroying those who question their influence, doing everything to make their lives hell. It has been a long time since it is the boys who do good and bad times in the school and no longer the professors, threatened if they decide to cast a negative vote on the offspring of the institute’s financiers, and this is precisely the fuse that pushes a part of teachers to resurrect the school’s most famous gossip blog and turn it into an Instagram account to regain control over the students.

Things, however, will not be easy. The relationship between Julien Callaway, the mighty queen bee played by young Jordan Alexander, and half-sister Zoya Lott (Whitney Peak), which in the new Gossip Girl looks like a kind of Dan Humphrey caressing the glitter of Manhattan for the first time: Zoya and Julien’s mother, before dying, expressed a wish for her daughters to meet and like each other, and that’s where the story starts, even if it is easy to understand that the idyll is destined to last a short time. Thanks to the poisonousness of Gossip Girl, which aims to gradually destroy the relationship between girls by raising doubts and misunderstandings, the atmosphere among the glittering circles of Manhattan’s Upper East Side will be more and more incandescent, while all around pansexuality, love affairs and plans for revenge they will be the masters. In the wake of the many revivals and reboots that we will see in the coming months, from And Just Like That a Dexter, the new Gossip Girl he fails, however, to overcome the superficiality that had made the fortune of the former, reducing the debate about inclusiveness and fluidity to an ultra-glossy display case and nothing more. The numbers, however, tell us that the intuition to bring the franchise back to life has proved to be right: in just 4 days, the first episode was the most viewed ever on HBO Max, impressions on TikTok were 15 billion and, in short, if we cannot identify with what we see, we might as well take a peek at the Upper East Side apartments that we will never be able to afford.

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