The «Divorce Day», the day in which we separate the most

The «Divorce Day», the day in which we separate the most

They call “Divorce day» and it is the day of the year in which the most requests for divorce are registered. And that day would fall today, January 9, on the first fully working Monday back from the Christmas holidays.

You know, Christmas brings everything to light: lunches and dinners with in-laws, various relatives who ask inappropriate questions, time spent being bored at home… this is how you end up exploding, to understand if you’re not up to it does more, that relationship is at the end of the line.

It is no coincidence that extramarital dating platforms, as confirmed by the AshleyMadisonregister a peak in enrollments in the first weeks of January.

As if, after the holidays, one no longer had to force oneself to be good and happy. Often you don’t want to spoil the party for young children and elderly parents and you tend to make the best of a bad situation, ready however to get rid of your partner as soon as possible, perhaps even warning him first: “This is the last Christmas”.

Applications for separation in January increase significantly (we are talking about 30% more) and in any case this is one of the periods (the other is September) in which husband and wife (or husband and husband/wife and wife) falter: the relationship counseling charity Relate Cymru he declared that in recent days he has received a greater request for help from couples, who seem to hate each other.

Meanwhile, Google searches on “how to start a divorce” these days were 52.38% higher than the average for the rest of the year.

Source: Vanity Fair