The docu-film about Georgina (and Cristiano Ronaldo) arrives

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For once the protagonist is not him. Even if in the end it is always about him that we will talk about. Because he is with her. This is Georgina. He is Cristiano Ronaldo. The documentary, produced by Netflix, it’s about her life. But it has acquired a public dimension since she has been with him. And therefore: coming up soon Netflix will be available a documentary on Georgina Rodriguez, partner of Cristiano Ronaldo.

The release date has not yet been revealed, but the title is already circulating: I am Georgina. Guess what? Cristiano will also become part of the docufilm. A private Christian, caught in everyday life together with Georgina, committed to letting his children play, four of them who live with the couple, only one, Alana Martina, the biological one, or to retouch for the better the idea he has of himself, destroying himself fatigue in the gym.

From the anticipations, some statements by CR7 also emerged within the film: «I didn’t think I would fall in love with Georgina, it all happened in a fraction of a second. Really, I didn’t expect it. I am completely in love with it ». Before meeting Georgina, in fact, Cristiano had kept his playboy fame alive licensed, with a curriculum that spoke, at least officially, of 33 more or less love stories. In the docufilm we will discover that the two met in Madrid, but not anywhere else. From Gucci. Cristiano, at the time with Real Madrid, had gone shopping. Georgina worked there as a saleswoman.

In reality, little is known about Georgina, born in Spain, in Jaca. She modeled, was a dancer as a child and dance remains her great passion (in addition to fitness). He is always at Cristiano’s side, in good times and bad. He accompanied him everywhere, first in his transfer to Turin, three years cloaked in boredom apparently understand, and now on his return to Manchester, a city they both obviously love. If the reason is understandable for Cristiano (he played there for six years from 2003 to 2009), for Georgina it is less. But now the girl posted on social photos where she smiles in the sun of Manchester, a well-known city, we joke, kissed by the Mediterranean climate.

It was Georgina herself who announced on Instagram, “Are you ready?”, The making of the TV series dedicated to her life. Now we just have to wait. to learn more about the woman who managed to win the heart of the most fashionable champion on the planet. But also to learn more about the Portuguese champion and we will see if, for once in his life, he will be able to stay one step behind someone or if instead he will take the stage, as has always happened since he reached the status of football star.

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