The Dora Milaje did exist in real life. This is the story that inspired Marvel

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If there is a Marvel team that more than one of us would like to belong to, it is the Dora Milaje (Black Panther), formed by experts and intrepid wars who give their intelligence, life and audacity to protect Wakanda, which although it is a place governed by men, they do not stop showing respect and admiration for women.

Okoye and the Dora Milaje not only made it clear that women can be the best warriors, they also paid tribute to an army of skilled female soldiers that existed in real life: the Dahomey Amazons. Here we tell you more about them.

The Dora Milaje did exist in real life and here we tell you about them

Like the Dora Milaje, the Dahomey Amazons were an elite group of warriors committed to caring for and protecting the Kingdom of Dahomey, an African empire that existed from the 17th to the 19th centuries. The vestiges of this are found in present-day Benin, which occupies a strip of the coast between Nigeria and Togo.

According to legend, the Dahomey Amazons owe their creation to Queen Hangbe, who assumed the throne in the early 18th century following the sudden death of her twin brother, Akaba. Hangbe believed that men should occupy the throne, but the people should be protected by brave and fearless women.

According to other stories, it is said that the Dahomey Amazons were an exclusively female body of warriors dedicated to the care of Hangbe, but with the passage of time, they gave protection to the following monarchies.

The Dora Milaje did exist in real life and here we tell you about them

These warriors were capable of conquering neighboring tribes and resisting European forces. However, in their last battle against the French in 1892, more than 434 Amazons fought to protect their lands, but only 17 of them returned alive.

According to UNESCO, these women are symbols of courage:

They outshined their male counterparts in every way: discipline, fighting spirit, bravery, and devotion to the king.

It should be noted that in Dahomey, these women were experts in spear combat, as archers and using swords and knives. In fact, they were so skilled that they could cut a man in two with a single blow. In addition, they were more organized, intelligent, quick and courageous than the male soldiers. All these qualities inspired Marvel to create the Dora Milaje.

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