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The dramatic moment a plane scraped through rooftops in Sydney before landing on its belly

A pilot and a female passenger miraculously survived after a small plane made an emergency belly-landing. The plane experienced a loss of power in flight and narrowly missed crashing into suburban homes before landing. Incredible video captured the moment pilot Jake Swanepoel desperately tried to fly the small plane over houses in Western Sydney after experiencing engine failure at midday on Sunday. “Help, help… Mechanical problem,” the pilot said, and someone can be heard replying, “All runways available. Signal received, help is coming.” The small Cessna plane clipped the top of a tree and skimmed over two roofs at Bankstown Airport, in the west of the city, before the pilot managed to land it on the runway and stop it crawling on the grass for about 150 metres, the dailymail reports. New South Wales Police patrol cars were at the scene while the investigation into the cause of the damage to the plane […]
Source: News Beast

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