The drug dealer called “Devil” and the page “Albanian blood” on Instagram

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Selamet Mehmetaj drinks his Coca-Cola and speaks calmly about his λι million business. The “baron of drugs“, The .000 50,000 Mercedes-Benz without a license plate parked nearby. He has agreed to meet potential new clients, who have contacted him through an anonymous Instagram page advertising what he is doing.

The meeting takes place in London and the 28-year-old talks about the quantities of drugs with which he supplies traffickers throughout the United Kingdom, with 2,500 high-strength cannabis plants, as noted in a publication of the Daily Mail.

He also clarifies that those who dare to be in front of him pay for it, while he boasts that he cut off the two fingers of a customer who did not pay him and took his money before cutting off one leg.

The “Devil” and the page “Albanian blood”

It is “The Devil”, as the article calls him, according to which on his page entitled “Albanian Blood”, Mehmetaj showed his business, encouraging new customers to get in touch.

According to the post, Instagram removed the page after a communication from the Daily Mail. But while the page was on the air, British media reporters pretended to be customers and communicated through the social networking site.

Mehmetaj met them near his house. During the meeting, he began boasting that he had escaped gun charges despite the fact that a Russian weapon had been found by police, which had been smuggled from Albania and had hidden it in his car. According to him, his lawyer had prepared a story, according to which the weapon was not his.

He laughed as he described police not finding cocaine, cannabis and bullets when he raided his apartment because they did not search a room.

Mehmetaj, originally from the Albanian town of Tropoja, has set up a drug trafficking Britain and promotes it through social media, emphasizes the Daily Mail

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