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The E.U. calls for the repeal of the security law imposed on Hong Kong by China

The EU today called for the repeal of China’s national security law and standstill law in Hong Kong, while asking the region’s authorities to “refrain from implementing them”.

“The EU supports the recommendations of the UN Human Rights Commission, notably the simultaneous repeal of the National Security Law and the Standstill Law, and refraining, for the foreseeable future, from implementing them,” said Nabila Masraeli, spokesperson of the head of European diplomacy.

The National Security Law was imposed by Beijing on the former British colony in 2020 to end mass pro-democracy protests that often turned violent.

Since the law came into effect, the opposition has suffered a harsh crackdown and most figures who embodied democracy in Hong Kong have either fled the country, been barred from serving in office or imprisoned.

“The EU once again expresses its most serious concerns regarding the increasing violation of civil and political rights such as freedom of expression, freedom of the press, political pluralism and freedom of association in Hong Kong,” she added. representative of European diplomacy.

Hong Kong authorities must be “vigilant that representatives of civil society organizations are not intimidated or prosecuted because of their commitment to international organizations,” he said.

“Any act of intimidation and retaliation is strongly condemned,” he added.

The joint Sino-British declaration guarantees a high degree of autonomy for Hong Kong “at least until 2047”, the spokeswoman for the head of European diplomacy reminded.

Source: RES-MPE

Source: Capital

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