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The Electoral Court “freezes” the examination of two objections against Spartan MPs

The Electoral Court temporarily “freezes” the examination of two objections against Spartan MPs due to the pending criminal charges that still exist after the criminal prosecution against them for defrauding the voters in the recent elections. The Electoral Court postponed the debate without even setting a new date. The first objection is directed against the president of the Spartans, Vassilis Stigas (B3 of South Attica sector), the MP Petros Dimitriadis (B' Thessaloniki), former legal advisor of Ilias Kasidiaris, as well as against the deputy MP of 2nd Thessaloniki Akrivis Petropoulos. The second objection is directed against the 2nd Member of Parliament of Piraeus of the Spartans, Alexandros Gerveas, but also against the decision 174/2023 of the A1 Political Department of the Supreme Court regarding the part concerning the declaration of the deputies. At the same time, by decision of the Electoral Court, the seat of the Grevena district of the ND changes hands and from Ioannis Iatsos it goes to Athanasios Stavropoulos. Specifically, the Electoral Court accepted the objection of the Grevena MP candidate of the ND Athanasios […]
Source: News Beast

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