The emotion of Prince Charles, who finally met Lilibet Diana during the Platinum Jubilee

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Prince Charles has finally met the granddaughter Lilibet Diana, second child of Harry And Meghan Markle. The Sussexes indeed, as a royal source revealed to Peopleduring his stay in London for the Jubilee The Queen’s platinum medals visited Charles and Camilla of Cornwall along with their children. And, as a real source revealed a Peopleit was one “Really touching visit”: “The Prince of Wales was delighted to have Harry and Meghan back in Britain, to hug his nephew Archie, whom he hadn’t seen in a long time, and to meet his niece Lilibet Diana for the first time ». A “wonderful” first meeting, continues the real source: “Carlo was really excited“. The small one, born in California on June 4, 2021she had never been to father Harry’s homeland before her 70th anniversary trip to the throne of Elizabeth II. Her brother Archie was born in her in London on 6 May 2019, but hadn’t returned to the UK since he was six months old. For grandfather Carlo and his wife Camilla, therefore, the meeting with the children was “a real joy”.

In London Lilibet Diana, who turned one just during the Platinum Jubilee, has also known the queen. It seems that Harry and Meghan wanted to have a photographer immortalize the first meeting between the daughter and the great-grandmother whose name the child bears, but Elizabeth II would have forbidden it: “It is a family gathering and must remain with the family“. The sovereign, however, the Sussexes would have granted a visit of just 15 minutes. A sign of a distance between the rebellious couple and the royal family that is increasingly evident. To prove it there is also the setback inflicted on the Sussex by William And Kate Middleton during their stay in London.

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Harry and Meghan ‘had invited William and Kate to Lilibet’s birthday, celebrated at Frogmore Cottage. But they snubbed them. ” Because they have neither forgotten nor forgiven the public poison arrows launched by Harry and Meghan against the royal family during theshock interview to Oprah Winfrey. The Sussexes took advantage of their second child’s birthday to give the Cambridge a olive branch. Which they, however, refused. And so an excellent opportunity for rapprochement between brothers and sisters-in-law was lost but not only: William and Kate, unlike Charles and the queen, they did not meet their granddaughter Lilibet Diana.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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