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The employer Foment del Treball accuses Pere Aragonès of “making fun of and degrading the Generalitat” with his absence at the Seat event

New touch of business attention to Govern. Josep Sánchez Llibre accuses Pere AragonÚs of “making a fool of himself and degrading the institutional role of the Generalitat”. The president of Work Promotion has reproached today, with these words, the absence of the Catalan Executive in the act of last Friday at the Seat facilities, in which the Volkswagen Group announced its plans to produce electric cars at the factory in Martorell (Barcelona).

The meeting, which commemorated the 70th anniversary of the automobile company, was attended by King Felipe VI, the president of the government, Pedro Sánchez, the top leader of the German consortium, Herbert Diess, and that of its Spanish subsidiary, Wayne Griffiths. However, no member of the Generalitat made an appearance to avoid the photo with the Monarch in full post-electoral negotiations between the pro-independence parties.

“The reasons heard so far are incomprehensible, unjustifiable and inadmissible,” said Sánchez Llibre through a statement. The president of Foment believes that “confusing the institutional role” of chief executive officer “with that of party leader” leads “to making mistakes, to international discredit and to putting essential investments at risk”, such as “the industrial project of the most important public-private collaboration of the century in Catalonia. “In this way, the head of the employer’s association has also made reference to the announcement that Minister Reyes Maroto made last Thursday of creating the first fá battery factory in Spain through a consortium between the Government, Seat-Volkswagen and Iberdrola, which could be located near Martorell.

Repeated messages

Sánchez Llibre has repeated today the “enough is enough” that 300 business and social organizations, led by the Foment and Pimecthey expressed the day before the sit-in in Martorell to show their discomfort with the drift of the Government regarding its economic and security policy. At the beginning of the week, the Economy Circle had already issued an opinion note in which it condemned the tepidity of the Generalitat with the disturbances in the streets of the previous days and asked to overcome the “policy of blocks” in which Catalonia it has been installed for years. Two days later it was the Passeig de Grà cia Association, made up of more than a hundred commercial establishments on the famous Barcelona avenue and its surroundings, which expressed itself in a similar sense and pointed to “some political positions” for maintaining “a calculated ambiguity in his words giving oxygen to those responsible for the altercations.”

Paradoxically, yesterday, a day after the resounding absence of AragonÚs at the Seat event, Oriol Junqueras called on the economic and social agents to pitch in on the project that Esquerra Republicana could lead shortly at the head of the Generalitat if the current acting president manages to be invested by the Parliament.

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