The “ethical surgery” against the abuse of aesthetic interventions

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Also this year the GF VIP. Twenty-four celebs (and so-called such) have entered the legendary Cinecittà house. To have something to talk about, it is clear, many still spy on the dynamics between the competitors through the screen. But something in this edition immediately jumped to the eye. First of all Raffaella Fico, returned to where her career began. Since 2008 (the year in which he participated in the Big Brother) to date, however, something has definitely changed.

His appearance has changed, accomplices retouching and retouching who sparked comments on Instagram for having gone too far with cosmetic surgery. The Neapolitan starlet admitted having had her breasts remade between the ages of 22 and 23, but many accused her of putting a scalpel on something else.

Raffaella Fico in 2008 (left), in 2021 (right). Photo Ipa and @ficoraffaella on Instagram
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Example of bad practice aesthetic too the Selassie sisters, 28, 24 and 20 years old, also present in the house. The three great-grandchildren of the former emperor of Ethiopia made no secret of having resorted to cosmetic surgery. And, frankly it shows. Under 30 and already very inflated. And they are also somewhat criticized via social media.

“Italy is the fourth country in the world where the greatest number of cosmetic surgery is practiced. A trend that is always on the rise. But the too crippled. Just look at some borderline cases like Lacey Wildd, to get the record of the largest breast in the world she underwent 37 cosmetic surgeries. Without forgetting all the interventions performed by Jessica Rabbit’s “double”, the various human Barbies around the world and the famous Ken who after 58 operations changed his mind and decided to become a woman. These are extreme cases but they testify to a trend that attests to the dangerous desire, in many people, to radically change your outward appearance, thanks to the scalpel “, comments the Dr. Luciano Perrone, international cosmetic surgeon and associate physician of AICPE (Italian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery). We asked him some questions on how to counter these abuses thanks to a more ethical approach that starts with the professional and reaches the patient.

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Ethics and aesthetics: in the surgical field how do these two sectors meet today?
“In recent years there has been a considerable increase in requests for plastic surgery. The cosmetic surgeon must have extremely strict rules because, with the increase in requests, we are increasingly confronted with patients who require retouching in the wake of particular personal conditions and not for objective needs. The professional must also be able to say no to some requests when they are driven by the wrong reasons and it is not understood that it will not be the intervention that will make them happier. A maximum number of operations that can be performed on each individual patient should be established. We need an ethical approach that disciplines the profession and can guarantee real serenity and customer satisfaction. I hope that this proposal will be discussed with the various national and international associations that govern our profession ».

Behind the abuse of cosmetic surgery such as XXL breasts, explosive lips, faces with very high cheekbones and tapered, almost alien minds (like Madonna), especially of the last period, what is hiding?
«High and firm breasts, fleshy mouth, full backside and bright teeth like those of the stars: these are the must imposed by the new beauty standards. The phenomenon seems to affect not only adult women but also younger ones. And if once the use of scalpels was the prerogative of VIPs, today it concerns many ordinary people, from housewives to entrepreneurs, from young girls to seventies. Especially in recent times the continuous conference calls and virtual meetings have given rise to the phenomenon that in America they have baptized as Zoom Face: looking through the camera of a monitor has amplified the perception of our physical defects. The screen has become our mirror 2.0. The role of the cosmetic surgeon is often associated with “empty” operations tending to satisfy one’s vanity. In reality, if he has experience and skills, his true mission is to preserve and correct the anatomical shape towards a natural and harmonious appearance. Nothing to do with indulging bizarre ideas that have nothing to do with the purpose of plastic and aesthetic surgery, on the contrary they represent precisely the boundary that should not be crossed in order to satisfy the patient’s requests “.

To resort to increasingly young aesthetic touches, like Jasmine Carrisi resorted to lip filler at just 20 years old, as she told in an Instagram story, why?
«Definito dall’American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) pre-juvenation, this phenomenon records that children are increasingly careful to control the natural aging process. The demand for fillers and biorevitalisers as a remedy for Digital aging, premature skin aging due to overexposure to blue light from digital devices, and the Maskne or mask acne, which has now become an integral part of life, and which can cause irritation and dermatitis due to the humid environment inside it, which favors bacterial proliferation. Returning to the interventions on the new generations, “staying young” is certainly better than “coming back young”, and for this reason that the average age of those who approach aesthetic medicine has dropped over the years. However, cosmetic surgery in minors must be avoided, apart from special cases such as protruding ears, gigantomastia and very few other conditions. Today, Italian law prohibits breast implants in young women and the surgeon must be able to say no to those adjustments that a minor can make if they do not arise from a real need “.

CHow to establish a deep connection with the patient by the surgeon to better guide him on his choices?
«The pre-operative visit is essential. In addition to clinical evaluation, ‘human’ contact must be established. The most important and difficult part of a visit is being able to interpret what is not said and then being able to transform that hidden idea into harmonious forms. The cosmetic surgeon cannot take into account only the purely technical result, but must be a confidant, a bit of a psychologist, know how to evaluate the wishes of those in front of him and be able to recommend small corrections from time to time that make the patient more self-confident. “.

What procedures can the surgeon say no to?
«The first alarm bell must be to understand if the person is suffering from dysmorphophobia which leads to distorted some features of his body. In these cases, the aesthetic discomforts are the superficial manifestation of a deeper malaise that the surgeon cannot and must not treat. Of course, all patients who schedule a meeting with an aesthetic doctor are driven by a dissatisfaction linked to their physicality but an experienced professional must distinguish a healthy frustration from a pathological one “.

How can the surgeon intervene when you are not satisfied with the result and want to repeat the surgery?
“In the last decade there has been an increase in clinics and professionals offering low-cost interventions: what is defined, more generically, cosmetic surgery low cost. However, this request hides a huge basic error: saving money on one’s skin. The real difference when you choose a center specialized in cosmetic surgery and a surgeon with a lot of experience is obviously in the much lower chances of having complications and less than optimal results and, even when these occur, they are much more easily remedied “.

Which age group tends to have no limits regarding aesthetic interventions? Young or over?
“Never as in this historical moment, thanks to the intensity of messages amplified by the media and social networks that push to idealize beauty, we are witnessing an increase in requests for aesthetic interventions by the youngest but also by the over, thus widening the age range of patients who turn to the cosmetic surgeon. In any case, you have to go back or start falling in love with yourself, and if all this passes, among other things, from liking yourself more and feeling good in your body, then aesthetic interventions that work in this direction are also welcome. “

In the gallery the stars who have made (perhaps too many) aesthetic touches over the years.

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