The EU draft with possible sanctions in Turkey for Varosia

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The EU options document with possible measures in response to its unilateral actions Turkey in the enclosed area of Varosion, are being considered today by the EU Ambassadors (COREPER), which will then be presented to the Foreign Affairs Council on 13 December.

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According to information from the Athenian-Macedonian News Agency, the draft of the “option paper” includes, among others, the following measures against Turkey:

  • The reduction of pre-accession funds,
  • targeted legal action against persons involved in the opening of Varosia,
  • freezing of European Investment Bank (EIB) loans and
  • limiting the high-level dialogue with Turkey.

The document is also expected to stress the need to resume negotiations on the Cyprus.

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The election document for Turkey, which “seeks to change the regime in Varos”, (as stressed by EU High Representative Josep Borrell) will be finalized at the Council of Foreign Ministers on Monday 13 December. in Brussels. At the November Council, EU foreign ministers expressed their “strong solidarity” with Cyprus.

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