The European Union is tightening sanctions against Belarus

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THE European Union expands – as expected – the sanctions against Belarus, adapting its legal arsenal to target individuals and organizations contributing to the illegal influx of thousands of migrants across the EU border, according to what the EU High Representative said tonight Josep Borrell.

In his statements shortly after its completion Of the EU Foreign Affairs Council, Josep Borrell said that it was agreed to extend sanctions against the Belarussian regime.

This is fifth package measures, he said, which will be finalized in the coming days.

Josef Borrell referred to telephone conversations he had the day before with its foreign ministers Poland and her Lithuania, but also with him UN Secretary General, broadcasts by ΑΠΕ ΜΠΕ.

He also had a conversation with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus from whom he asked to stop his country is pushing people to the EU borders, putting their lives in danger, he said.

“The road to Belarus not leads to the EU “, stressed Borrell, noting that the return of these people back to their countries.

The head of European diplomacy reiterated that the situation on the border with Belarus is a artificially created migration crisis, that human rights are violated and that it’s about a “hybrid threat” against the EU.

Fire against Moscow

Asked, moreover, about her role Russia, Josep Borrell said that it is obvious that the leader of Belarus, Lukashenko, does what it does because it has the support of Moscow, even if the Kremlin supports the opposite.

“I do not think Lukashenko could have done what he did if he had not strong support from Russia, “Borrell said.

Finally, he described the rally as “very worrying” Russian forces on the border with Belarus.

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