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The Expendables 4 – Expendables: the review of the film with Stallone, Statham and 50 Cent

Slow down on calling it “Americanata”, as they once said. It’s difficult to say otherwise because after all it is in all respects, but in this round the term takes on a completely different meaning. THE Mercen4ri – Expendables it has all the characteristics of the genre: violence, gunshots, blood, dust and a star-spangled humor that you can definitely do without. Yet in its being the flag of a cliche everything in stars and stripes manages to work. In the cast they see themselves on the front line Jason Statham And Sylvester Stalloneaccompanied by more pop actors like Megan Fox, now a professional in the explosion and action cinema sector, and by an unlikely 50 Cent, who left G-Unit aside and took up the rifle to devote himself to war and bombs. There plot it’s really simple: a terrorist came into possession of some dangerous ones ordnance is prepared to blow up a ship flying the American flag and located in Russian territorial waters, an event that could inevitably trigger the explosion third World war.

The film is full of awesome action sequencesthe blood of is borrowed Tarantino, not in the literal sense, with the firefights peppered with tons of red splashes. It is unlikely that knives, axes and blades can suffer from jealousy given their massive use, an appreciable choice which ensures that the film is not limited to being a mere «shooter»borrowing the genre from video games, but offers gods hand-to-hand combat, useful for breaking the classic gun violence. THE dialogues are reduced to a minimum, and for lovers of the genre this can only be a positive thing. Never before can it be stated how Stallion never die, capable of remaining one young mercenary even in his painful condition as an almost eighty-year-old, despite the fact that he disappears for a good part of the film. Excellent performance Jason Stathamwhile it’s really hard to forget that 50 Cent is actually 50 Cent, as proof of all this is the presence of PIMP in the soundtrack, almost as if to underline how the rapper, even if he throws grenades and kills soldiers, is still himself. A good film to forget about important things and immerse yourself in 103 minutes of pure action-violence.

Source: Vanity Fair

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