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The extreme right is consistently first in Italy

In Italy, ahead of the parliamentary elections, the conservative alliance, in which the extreme right also participates, seems to maintain or even increase its percentages.

Italy’s conservative alliance continues to hold a large lead in voter intention ahead of the September 25 parliamentary election. According to the latest gallop, carried out by the polling company Technè, at this stage the League, Berlusconi’s Forza Italia and the extreme right-wing Brotherhood of Italy “convince” 49.7% of respondents.

The centre-left Democratic Party, the Greens and the Italian Left do not exceed 30.6% and Five Star wins 9.8% of the vote intention. The new, centrist alliance of Carlo Calenda’s Azione (Action) party and Live Italy of former prime minister Matteo Renzi is currently at 4.7%.

Election and post-election scenarios

The main question is whether the conservative alliance will manage to secure two-thirds of the seats in the parliament, in order to change – as it wishes – the country’s constitution and achieve the approval of a presidential system. “In this case President Sergio Mattarella will have to resign,” Silvio Berlusconi said today, provoking a strong reaction from his opponents.

At the same time, several analysts are waiting to see if, given the situation, Enrico Letta’s Democratic Party will decide at the last minute to make some kind of agreement with Giuseppe Conte’s Five Stars, to limit the electoral power of the right, the Berlusconi, Salvini and Meloni. It’s unlikely, but not impossible.

As for Italy’s far-right Adelphi, they continue with 23.7% to be the first party in voting intention. “I am not a threat to our democracy,” says their president, Georgia Meloni. In these hours, however, the appeals of well-known commentators are multiplying, asking her to remove the flame from the symbol of her party, which continues to burn, supposedly, in the grave of the fascist dictator, Benito Mussolini. The directly interested party has not given any relevant answer, while the deadline for submitting the symbols of the political forces that will take part in the September election ends in a few hours.

Theodoros Andreadis-Syngellakis, Rome

Source: Deutsche Welle

Source: Capital

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