The famous curse of the “Kennedy” of Italy

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The origin of the so-called “Anieli curse” is unknown, but the misfortune that surrounds her popular family Italy big enough that some even call them the “Kennedys of Italy”.

THE Gianni Anielli Born in 1921, he became an extremely successful businessman in the automotive industry as the major shareholder of Fiat, the company founded by his grandfather in 1899. While he was also known for buying his beloved Juventus in 1947. For half a century he controlled the most important part of Italian economy and not only was the richest Italian but was also synonymous with post-war Italy.

However, with the wealth he would inherit, as it turned out in the end, he was going for a “package” and something more frightening, which he was not able to know.

His father, then, died in a plane crash in 1935, leaving the family business headless when Gianni was still 14 years old. In 1952, Gianni himself was almost miraculously saved from a car accident, only to see his brother die at the age of 35. Anieli’s drama, however, continued with his aunt, Ancieta Nazi, dying during childbirth.

In 1997, he even saw his nephew, Giovanni Alberto, die at the age of 33, the man who had chosen to succeed him as president of the company when he resigned in 1996.

The most tragic story, however, for the Italian tycoons he had not yet knocked on his door. It was written when his drug-addicted son, Eduardo, also known as “Crazy Eddie”, cut the thread of his life in 2000, committing suicide on November 15. He died three years later at the age of 81, defeated by prostate cancer.

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