The fashionable neighborhood with… printed houses

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As much as the first ones 3D printers IBM and Stratasys brought them into our lives as early as the mid-90s, we did not see the first amazing results until the last decade.

His industry 3D printing flourishes today and in many areas even proves to be far superior to the alternatives.

The more 3D printing continues to evolve, the more dumb it leaves us with its inexhaustible possibilities and practical applications.

Especially when he builds not only houses, but entire neighborhoods…

A neighborhood in Austin, Texas was chosen by Logan Architecture to leave its three-dimensional mark.

Codenamed “East 17th Street Residences”, the printed houses are a collaboration of space experts, ICON and 3Strands, who took on all the hard work.

The construction was done in its familiar way 3D printing, although here the scale is much larger.

The challenge was the material itself, until they came up with a special type of cement friendly to 3D printing.

The houses built in this innovative way range from 90-185 square meters.

As for their design, the client has to choose between 4 designs, all creations of the Logan Architecture office, which undertook the interior decoration of the houses.

Τthe project TheλTheKλtheρώνeτaι in the fall of 2021 but the houses had started to leave months before, with a starting price of $ 450,000…

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