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The Ferragnez 2 will be there (but will it also tell about Sanremo?)

It’s since when Chiara Ferragni has formalized her participation as co-host of the first and last evening of the Sanremo Festival which we hoped that The Ferragnez he would come back to tell the behind the scenes of that experience, and so it will be. Prime Video, in fact, announces that the non-fiction show dedicated to the most social couple of the boot will return with a second season in 2023once again intertwining the story dedicated to the professional world of Chiara and Fedez, but also their more private side, linked to the alchemy of the couple and the incursions of their children Leone and Vittoria.

Produced by Banijay Italia for Amazon Studios, The Ferragnez he managed to tell in an unprecedented way a couple we thought we knew everything about and who, fortunately, chose to offer his audience something new and truly “unposted” – unlike the documentary on Chiara Ferragni who, unfortunately, focused too much on the celebratory portrait, ignoring the nuances and, above all, the areas of ‘shadow -. “I hope that the second season of this series so intimate for us can be an example to all those who try to improve themselves and their relationship as a couple through therapy”, explained Chiara Ferragni. “Ours wants to be a social experiment, as well as a television one, where we try to tell our most private and spontaneous human aspect, also made up of personal weaknesses and challenges”.

“I hope that the second season can inspire just like the first, in which we tried to normalize the theme of psychoanalysis and therapy and coincides with a very significant period of our lives,” added Fedez. “I am happy to have this opportunity, to make people who have lived the same experiences feel less alone and I hope that in some way it will encourage them to face the future”. The question is whether the second season of The Ferragnez he will also address the delicate issue of illness and the operation that Fedez underwent in April: to find the answer – hoping that The Ferragnez can also tell about the reconciliation with J-Ax and Ghali – we just have to wait.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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