The ffp2 masks will cost 75 cents: here are the benefits for protection from Covid

The ffp2 masks will cost 75 cents: here are the benefits for protection from Covid

the ffp2 bezels will be sold in pharmacies a 75 euro cents each. The commissioner structure led by General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo has announced an agreement, which will be signed shortly, with the trade associations: FederFarma, AssoFarm and FarmacieUnite. Obviously in agreement with the Ministry of Health and after hearing the order of pharmacists. With the so-called holiday decree approved before Christmas these personal protective equipment have become mandatory practically everywhere except outdoors: from public transport to cinemas, from stadiums to theaters, from airplanes to regional or national trains. They have a greater autonomy than surgical ones – eight hours – but certainly those who embark on a trip or live a day full of interactions will have to use at least one a day. With a considerable expense.

Masks really defend us from contagion, effectively if worn correctly. There sigla ffp stands for “face filtrant”, and their efficiency ranges from 1 to 3. In general, the ffp2 filters on average the 94% of all aerosols, including airborne viruses such as Covid-19. Made from multiple layers of non-woven materials and fabrics, they integrate a polypropylene filter that makes them enormously more performing than surgical masks, which instead retain only the wearer’s larger aerosol particles, protecting others more than, in fact, to the wearer. The ffp2, on the other hand, have a high filtering power both at the exit and at the entrance, right towards the wearer (over 90% against 20% of surgical ones). Some recent studies, such as that of the German Max Planck Institute published last December 7 in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, have swept away any doubts about their absolute usefulness.

To verify the regularity of the masks we buy, you must ensure the presence of the CE mark he was born in four-digit code which is next to and which identifies thecertification body (whose code, of course, can be tampered with). On the database Nando (New Approach Notified and Designated Organizations) of the European Commission is possible check the name and registered office of the institution (although some entities could be included in the lists of devices validated by way of derogation by Inail after the Cura Italia decree of 17 March 2020) by entering that code in the search field “Keyword On Notified body number“. At that point it is possible to click on the name of the certifying body and make sure that the wording “Personal protective equipment” appears in the “Legislations” tab and that the entry “Equipment providing respiratory system protection».

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