The filling of the Greece-Bulgaria IGB pipeline with natural gas has started

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The last “katostari” in the completion race is going through the interconnection natural gas pipeline Greece – Bulgaria IGB, since these days it is filled with a quantity of gas to carry out functionality tests.

As he explains, speaking to the Athenian / Macedonian News Agency, Giorgos Tasakos, head of the Network Projects Department of AVAX, “this week, at the Stara Zagora metering station, the pipeline will be filled with 40,000 cubic meters of natural gas. to perform the functionality tests and next Tuesday, 4 million cubic meters will gradually start to enter, which will run and fill the pipeline “.

“This quantity is introduced to make the final checks in the system. When this whole process is completed, the pipeline will now be ready for use, so that it can proceed with commercial operation”, says Mr. Tasakos, pointing out that based on the The commercials are scheduled to start operating in July.

The IGB pipeline, a project that is expected to change the energy map of the region, is in the final stages, as Europe faces the worst energy crisis in decades, sparked by the Russian invasion of Ukraine and its aftermath.

Despite the fact that AVAX was called to complete the project in conditions of a pandemic, due to which a number of issues had to be overcome, as Mr. Tasakos emphasizes “with a lot of effort and a lot of struggle we managed to cover any problems that had arisen along the way and we have achieved the goal “.

It is recalled that AVAX undertook the implementation of the pipeline through the international tender announced by ICGB, which is a consortium of the Bulgarian BEH, which owns 50% and the consortium IGI Poseidon, which has the remaining 50% (percentage evenly distributed between DEPA International Works and Italian Edison).

AVAX won the relevant international tender with a bid of 144.85 million euros. The most important aspect of the project, however, is that it is an energy project that will make Greece a gateway for fuel for the whole of Southeastern Europe, as the Minister of Environment and Energy Costas Skrekas has repeatedly pointed out, according to which, with the important “In the face of fragile international circumstances, we are strengthening Greece ‘s energy competitiveness and creating new export prospects.”

Source: AMPE

Source: Capital

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