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The film “Letter to God” was inspired by the story of the screenwriter’s son

Released in 2010, the film “Letter to God” is inspired by a true story. After losing your son, Tyler, victim of cancer, Patrick Doughtie wrote the production — which also encouraged him to become a screenwriter.

The little one was diagnosed with the disease in 2003, which made him face some chemotherapy treatments, in addition to many visits to the hospital.

Two years later, in 2005, Tyler Doughtie passed away. Faced with the loss, Patrick needed a few years to deal with the loss of his son. Once he felt stronger, he wrote about the boy and the relationship the child had with God.

The initial idea was for the story to become a book. However, depression caused Patrick to stop writing it in the sixth chapter.

It was at this moment that the idea arose for the text to be transformed into a film script. This was the motivation for Tyler's father look for a screenwriting course to develop the format.

Like every feature film, “Letters to God” has fictional elements, despite being inspired by a real story. For the film version, the letters written by the protagonist and the postman were included in the plot.

While packing his son's belongings, Patrick found a notebook with some prayers written by Tyler — a fact that motivated the fictional elements of the film.

In the movie, Tyler Doherty (Tanner Maguire), a boy of just eight years old, fights a daily battle with cancer. Even in the face of the difficulty of the disease, the boy does not let himself be shaken and writes letters to God daily.

At the same time, the postman Brady (Jeffrey Johnson), who faces personal problems, has his life transformed after contact with the child.

Source: CNN Brasil

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